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Last Updated: Sep 2, 2022

By using/visiting our platform (app or website), the User agrees to be bound automatically by the following terms and conditions:

  • We reserve the right to delete/ban your account without the user's knowledge when you break the laws, privacy, and get profit without fair-use (cheating, bugs, etc...).
  • We do not let you take our contents for your commercial uses.
  • You can reuse, copy and edit our contents for educational purpose. Please give us credit to use our content for educational uses.
  • We do not guarantee any results and side effect from your practice about our TECHNOLOGICAL Contents. Some tech-contents are only for educational purpose and only for experts. So discuss with professional before you practice.
  • Pornography, nudity, sexual images and any offensive images or videos are prohibited. Copyrighted material is also strictly prohibited. But sometime, we share medical contents about surgical or something that can be violation, nudity body, blood and body part replacement. So please find notice or warning before you read.