Cristiano Ronaldo - Is it possible for him to comeback?
11 months ago
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The most famous people are the most criticized. The best people are the ones who can break the criticism. Cristiano Ronaldo - CR7 is one of the best players of all time in the world of football. He plays for Manchester United and is Portugal's captain. now CR7 is 37 years old. This season, the performance has already been criticized. People are already saying that his era is over. He is always the best person to overcome such criticism, but this time they are doubtful that his age can give him the best support enough for his comeback.

Manchester United Team

Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for his performance

At present, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are the best greatest players in the world. Last season, Messi was criticized because his performance was so bad. Now he can play in the best condition again, scoring goals and creating supports continuously for his team. This season, the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo is declining. Last season, even though the team was torn apart, he was the one who saved it with his goals. I can't believe what happened to him, he lost his baby and the team was in such a bad situation that he even had to change club teams. But he didn't change. Under the current new coach, the team has improved, but the situation with CR7 is worse than bad. There were also bumps between the coach and him. Also, in the past, there was more friction with the coach after the players left the stadium before the end of the match. In the last game against Tottenham Hotspur, he trained early for warm-up, but he was not allowed to play. He left the field before the end of the match again.

Coach of Manchester United

This news is the most popular on the media, some are blaming and some give positive comments. The media criticized him as usual, but his fans defended him. The coach said at the press conference that CR7 refused to play against Spurs, and he was also unhappy that CR7 left the match. Now, as a punishment, he will no longer be allowed to participate in the match against Chelsea tomorrow, he has been removed from the starting line-up, and he will not be allowed to train with the senior team. He is training with the U21 team only. There are reports that the team supported the coach's actions and fined CR7.

We saw that CR7 posted an apology on social media like that.

He's getting old and his confidence is waning, but he's definitely one of the world's top strikers and wants to play the match. He'll want to try to match his top goalscoring record, but the team struggles when he comes in starting line-up. Due to age, he can't fit in the game play style like young people, and he can't run like before. The worst thing is that even when he get the chances, his ability to convert into goals decreases and their confidence decreases. I'm CR7's fan, the whole world is on his side, people doubt he'll be able to comeback, but they want him to comeback. His influence is so great that not only in the field of football, but alos in other fields, everyone respects him. His efforts have been a role model for all people.

I hope him to overcome his age and depression, and comeback like before the way he alway do. Let's see he can really comeback or his era is over here. Time is answer. So let's wait.

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Google Stadium Soon ? Google is negotiating with Tottenham Hotspur.
11 months ago
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According to reports, Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur F.C. is planning to rename their home stadium to the Google Stadium. It is said to be negotiating with Google Company.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, commonly referred to as Tottenham or Spurs, is a professional football club based in Tottenham, London, England. It competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

Emirates Stadium

Emirates Many other English Premier League clubs have home stadia renamed due to naming-rights deals. Prominent examples include Tottenham’s more successful North London rival Arsenal, with the “Gunners” ground officially known as the “Emirates Stadium.“

Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium

And then Manchester City's home stadium is Etihad Stadium. It's interesting to see if Tottenham's home stadium can be called Google stadium.

After a tech giant like Google enters the football field, it would be interesting to see if other companies will com. Example Samsung Stadium or Apple Stadium.

Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that focuses on search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics.

Hostspur Stadium

Google has struck deals with a number of sports teams in recent years, signing a deal back in March 2022 to sponsor the McLaren F1 racing team. A number of other large multi-year partnerships are in place within the US NBA and MLB competitions too. While large in their own right, the size and profile of the Premier League would likely eclipse any previous sports team sponsorships for Google.

That's why some people are joking on social midea that Google try to open Stadium after closing Stadia. That's so funny and interesting.

So are Pixel fan ready to support Tottenham ?

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The Sun Google Map Photo 9to5google

FotMob - A Great App for a Football Fan
11 months ago
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Are you finding a nice football live scores app? Realtime, Push Notification, Alert the Matchs, History of Head to Head and Simple UI ? Yesss.. This article can help you.

FotMob is the essential football app.

Get live scores, detailed stats, and personalised news for hundreds of competitions around the world. FotMob is built by a nimble, independent team in the fjords of Bergen, Norway. FotMob was created 15 years ago as a way to follow our local club from anywhere. That mission still drives them today, as FotMob has grown into a platform that helps over six million people follow their team each week. FotMob has been recognised by Apple, Google, and the New York Times as a leading sports app, and we continue to work every day to create an easy-to-use, in-depth tool for keeping up with the world of football.
More about FotMob

FotMob - Table
Today, I want to introduce a good app called FotMob where we can check the scores, history of each team, realtime ticker, rating, facts, table, stats of each team. Smooth and Simple but high quality. Let's see the photos.


FotMob - Matches
The first button of bottom navigation bar is Matches. There are all football matches around the world, all clubs, all leagues. You can check the matches by date, the next days matches or previous days matches with scores. If you want to find a match, you can find by league and date filter. It is so easy to understand and great.


FotMob - News
The second button is News. You can read any news that's related with football. Personalised News, Latest News, Transfer News of the players or managers of all clubs from any leagues. And then you can read any news ralated with a league like the new rules of the league, punishing the club or something.


FotMob - Leguages
In this secton, you can check the leagues, the league table and who lead the table, ranking of all league and their clubs' scores. You can set favouriate list of leguage and check it easily. Champions League, Premier Leguage and Laliga is the most favouriate leagues of users.


FotMob - Following
That is a section of your favouriate list or following list of players, clubs, leguages. You can see the next match and details of your following club easily. Not only the following clubs but also the following leagues, or personal fav players' info and details.

Extra Facts

FotMob - Extra Facts
Fotmob is a amazing app, simple and great UI, nice data management. If we click a played match, we can see the scores, players' rating, each team's line up and their ranking in the table. If we click a playing match, we can see the tricker realtime. That's amazing feature of FotMob. That's my fav part. If you can not watch match, you can see this tricker. You will know who holding the the ball and pass to whom, which team got a penalty or corner. Who foul, who got yellow card or red card. Who kick or who score the goal in realtime. You can watch ball's path by a line and you can know easily how the team play, which team control the match easily. There is another features such as Infacts, Substitute players on lineup, etc...

If you click the match will play in the next days, you can see their team form, head to head history, possible line up, table ranking and match details.


FotMob - Matches
You can see a club's profile or player's profile easily. In the club's profile, there is history, ranking, team form, injury list and next matches's details. In player's profile, you can see his/her market value, salary, body details, goal scores, rating, details of the matches he/she played and position. You can see any details of that player's profile, matches, stats and career.

FotMob - Matches

Personal Conclusion

Play Store Rating is 4.8/5 and App Store Rating is 4.0/5 but my personal rating is 5/5.
A small app but huge data and nice data management. Simple and Smooth UI, useful things are in one place. If you a football fan, this app will help your daily life better. You will never ever find a app like this except fotMob.


You can download the app or visit the website to use fotMob.
For Android
FotMob Website

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Forget Ronaldo or Messi Era, Now Haaland or Mbappé Era ?
1 year ago
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For the past two decades, football fans have been arguing over who is better, Ronaldo or Messi.
Now they are getting old and the time will come soon when they will have to leave the meadow. Nowadays, the era of Mbappé and Haaland has come to debate about who is better. You can say that Mbappé and Haaland are currently the future superstar of world football and everyone is watching them.

Who do you like and who do you think is better?

Now let's look at the status.
Erling Haaland : A striker (also a goal poacher) of Man City. Erling Haaland is 22 years old (2000/07/21). and he is 195cm tall. His preferred foot is Left. His jersey number is 9.

Mbappé : A striker (also a goal poacher) and currently plays for PSG. Kylian Mbappé is 23 years old (1998/12/20) and he is 178cm tall. His preferred foot is Right. His jersey number is 7. Kylian Mbappé can play as a winger.

Market Value
Mbappé : 150M £ (Value Range €113M – €188M)
Haaland : 120 £ (Value Range €90M – €150M)

Mbappé : Played 337 games, scored 232 goals and played 8 seasons.
Haaland : Played 211 games, scored 169 goals and played 7 seasons.

Mbappé : FIFA World Cup (2018), Ligue 1 (2017,2018,2019,2020,2022), Coupe de France de football (2018,2020,2021), UEFA Nations League (2021), Coupe de la Ligue française de football (2018,2020), Trophée des Champions (2018,2019,2020,2022)
Haaland : Austrian Cup (2019, 2020), DFB Pokal (2021), Austrian Bundesliga (2019,2020)

Individual Prizes
Mbappé : World Cup Best Young Player (2018), Ligue 1 top goalscorer(2019,2020,2021,2022), Best french player of the year (2018,2019), MVP Ligue 1 (2019,2021), Ligue 1 Best Young Player (2017,2018,2019), Golden Boy by Tuttosport (2017), Kopa Trophy (2018)

Haaland : Champions League Golden Boot (2021), Norwegian Footballer of the Year (Gullballen) (2021), Austrian Footballer of the Year (2019), Bundesliga Player of the Season (2021), Norwegian Eliteserien Best Young Player (2018), Golden Boy by Tuttosport (2020)

Who is Better ?

Kylian Mbappe played matches more than Erling Haaland. He scored more and played a season early. And then his market value is rank 1 in the world, and then more Trophies and more prizes. So everyone think Mbappe is better than Haaland.

This conculsion is wrong. In the France League, PSG is the most powerful team and got the best players of the world like Messi, Neymar, Ramos, etc... Everyone is world class and they can beat any team in their league. So thay can control the match and they can scored goals.

On the otherhand, Haaland played for Borussia Dortmund last year. Dortmund is also a strong and good team. It is not enough to compare PSG. So you can say a goal for Haaland is not easy like a goal for Mbappé. But now, Haaland is in Man City and he scored many goal for the team and Premier League and Champions League. ManCity's Halland is better than Dortmund's Haaland because all ManCity players are world class level and everyone create chance for Haaland in every minutes every seconds.

So, Haaland is better ?

No, this one is also totally wrong.

So let check the attacker status.
2022/2023 Season

Mbappé : 6 matches, 506 minutes played, 7 Goals, 0 Assist, 6.05 (shots per 90 minutes), 6.48 (Expected Goal), 1.15 (Expected Goal per 90 minutes)

Haaland : 7 matches, 588 minutes played, 11 Goals, 1 Assist, 4.13 (shots per 90 minutes), 8.35 (Expected Goal), 1.28 (Expected Goal per 90 minutes)

So can you see statics for this season? Yeah Haaland is better by this statics. But you can not Haaland is better than Mbappé.

In the history, Mbappé lead in all results but in this season Haaland lead back.

Haaland improved more and more. Now we cannot say who is better. But at the end of this season. We will see who is better. So let's meet again.

image source : MENAFN
statics source : GOAL.COM
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