Mayonnaise Prawn - How to make
10 months ago
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Today, I will share you how to cook Prawn Mayonnaise. Some people also make Prawn Mayonnaise as cocktails and or eat it as a dish. Most Burmese people like spicy, so they don't often eat this kind of sweet dish. This is a bit expensive, but it is more healthy than dishes with a lot of salt and oils. For people like me who like Prawn and Mayonnaise, this dish will be really impressive.


• Mayonnaise Prawn - 4 units
• Mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons
• White sesame - a little
• Butter - 2 tablespoons
. Lettuce - a little

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The Steps

1. Peel the Prawn. Separate the back and clean it with plenty of water and dry it.

2. Heat the butter and fry the prawns.

3. You have to notice the heat not too much. Fry for a little while on medium heat until it becomes a little lighter in color.

4. Carefully check the oil on the Prawn, then mix in the Mayonnaise.

5. Place the lettuce leaves on the bottom, place the Prawn on top, and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

If you like taste of sweet and sour, don't wait for the Prawn to change color. You have to turn off the heat after a while.

Before mixing with the Mayonnaise, add some lemon juice and follow the other steps. After that, you can enjoy the delicious Mayonnaise Prawn.

Why do birds fly from the tree during earthquake ? Is it possible animals felt an earthquake in advance ?
10 months ago
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Birds flying about near the earthquake, creatures that come out of the pit. Did they really know earthquakes in advance? Why ? Is this possible? People think that some animals can predict earthquakes. Before explaining this, you need to know when earthquakes happen and what is an earthquake? This article is based on Quora's Why do birds fly from the tree during earthquake ? I read the question so wrote this article.

MASES - Myanmar Astronomy & Science Enthusiasts Society's post is also based on this post.

Image -,,, SCE - Twitter

What is an earthquake and how does it happen?

Earthquake is the vibration of the earth's surface when two earth's crusts collide. The earth's surface is composed of four layers called inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust. The two outermost layers are the crust and the mantle.

In these two layer, the earth's solid (called Tectonic Plates) are included in various parts. These tectonic plates are always moving and bumping into each other, one intruding one on top of the other, and so on. When two moving tectonic plates collide, they cannot move forward. But even if they stop, the kinetic energy that causes the Earth's tectonic plates to move won't stop. As the energy slowly accumulates near the point of collision, it becomes a huge wave from the push. Just like the waves when something falls into water, the energy accumulates at the point of collision and these huge waves can shake everything up, causing the Tectonic Plates to shake and vibrate. That is called an earthquake.

Why do birds fly before an earthquake ?

Birds before earthquake

The waves that are kicked around from the accumulation of energy are called seismic waves. When those waves come out of the earth's underground, the small-sized waves are far away and cannot cause damage to things on the earth's surface. The P-Wave, the fastest wave arrived first onto the earth's surface. Some animals, such as birds, may feel this P P-Wave and respond by rising and flying. But this is not yet accepted by scientists and is only the most likely conclusion. Therefore, it cannot be said that it is true that the animals felt the earthquake.

So no one can predict the earthquake?

It is true that earthquakes cannot be accurately predicted to this day. But when other things happen, the possibility of an earthquake is calculated and the result was published.

For example, a volcanic eruption. There is a connection between volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. When a volcano erupts, its vibration causes earthquakes, and when earthquakes occur, it is usually a volcanic eruption. Small earthquakes can also be precursors to a large earthquake. Small vibrations occur when tectonic plates move and collide. Soon kinetic energy will accumulate and it is predicted that it will become a major earthquake. However, since the place where the earthquake occurred is in the far interior, it is possible that when it reaches the surface of the earth, it will weaken and become a small earthquake.

Safety Tips

In addition, when earthquakes occur around fault lines, experts who monitor these areas measure the backs of the faults and calculate the probability of another earthquake and publish them. Earthquakes are unpredictable, but when they do happen, you should make preparations and read and remember emergency actions, safety tips. Only then can danger to life be avoided.
Cook a delicious meal with low cost and quick - Just 5steps for 10 minutes.
10 months ago
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Step 1 - Slice 1 or 2 pieces of beans, 1 onion, 8 green pepper and 1 tomato.

Step 2 - Cut 1 piece of bean paste into 4 pieces and fry them in a little oil until the edges are firm.

Step 3 - Put the bean slices in a plate, and with the rest of the oil, finely chopped onion, green pepper, add about 2 teaspoons of tomato and chili powder and fry until fragrant.

Step 4 - Add 1 tablespoon of curry sauce , 2 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar. Add then the beans. Add a little water and stir.

Step 5 - Let it sit for about 3 minutes. When the oil comes back, you can taste it.

Canva : Create Designs easily and professionally for Your Business
10 months ago
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Today, let me introduce you to a Photoshop website. It is a website that can do good editing of photos and videos. Since it's a website, there's no need to pay expensive prices for graphic cards for laptops and desktops. You only need to have the Internet, and you can easily meet the needs of small businesses. Video Editing, Photo Editing cannot be created in detail like Adobe Photoshop. Rather than photography, it is intended for small-scale design that is needed for education and business.

What is it ?

Canva Home Page
image : canva home page screenshot

It is a website called Canva. The address is It will be able to meet the needs of small businesses for digital marketing. Images and designs needed in the field of education. Images for social media. Canva can meet your online shop needs.

What are the benefits of using Canva?

It's simple and easy to use, so don't worry if you don't know how to use it. In addition, the presence of templates that can be used at a level saves time, and with the help of professional design, more innovative ideas can be obtained. Especially nowadays, there are many different sizes for posting pictures on social media, and Canva made this ready, which is very helpful. Not only for social media size, but it have prepared a lot sizes for printing. Many of them are free to use, which is convenient. It's quite convenient because you can also make a team

What are the disadvantages?

The main thing is to buy and use. If you don't buy and use, you can't use some special functions. If you need it for your business, it is more convenient to buy and use it. But its price is quite high for students. If you get the Education Pack, it will be quite convenient.

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