Why can't we find other living entities from outside the world yet?
11 months ago
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Planets capable of life are being found, but life has yet to be found. Why? How do you think ?

I will highlight some of the many possibilities.

(1) May be there is absolutely no life on any planet in this universe except this Earth. That is too bad. We are alone.

(2) On some planets, life can survive. But since there's only ice, even if there is, it's probably only at the microbiallevel. Don't imagine the other living entities have to be aliens (organisms), they can be just microbial level and startchanging.

(3) This may be because these organisms are not technologically advanced enough to communicate with us, or the technologies they use are too advanced for us to keep up.

(4) It is also possible that these living organisms all died out due to natural disasters, like the dinosaurs of the world

(5) We(human being) may have been programmed to survive automatically using the resources provided. For example, the human brain is an advanced AI CHIP. If so, we can only survive in this universe provided by this program.

We cannot find other living entities from outside the world yet because one (or more) reason(s) that was shown on the bove is right or we are in different dimensions even the technology level is not too difference.

And you ? How do you think ?


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Are ghosts real? Do you believe in ghost?
1 year ago
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If you believe that ghosts exist, don't worry, you're not alone.

According to a 2019 Ipsos poll found that 46% of Americans say they truly believe in ghosts. Thousands of people actively hunt ghosts as a hobby. Ghost hunters movies, story, novel and TV series are very popular and earning is very high. So it is more than just an entertainment. Thousands of people are watching ghost hunting videos, reading and talking about it in Reddit, Facebook Private Groups, and other social media platforms. For thousands of years, ghosts have appeared in countless books, from William Shakespeare's famous play Macbeth to the Bible, and have become a very popular topic, giving rise to various ghost-related oral histories.

Ghosts are the most seen and heard supernatural belief in the world. This belief came from religions, death experiences, related supernatural beliefs, including belief in life after death and communication with otherworldly spirits. The idea that the dead person is still with us as a spirit is an ancient concept, and a comforting idea for those who don't want to believe that their loved ones are gone when they die, or when we expect them to be there when we need them. Because of personal experience, some people believe in ghosts. But actually, may be It was a sense that they saw or feel some presence that they couldn't explain.

Part of the difficulty in detecting ghosts is that there is no universally agreed-upon definition of what a ghost is. The ghosts are very different even in a movies, different size, shape, sound or ability. Some believe that ghosts are the spirits of the dead who have lost their way for some reason on their way to the other world. Some believe that the ghost is a separate entity of emotional communication that penetrates from our minds into this world. Some also identify different types of ghosts on their own ways. The Interactive Personality, The Poltergeist, Orbs, The Ectoplasm or Ecto-Mist, etc...

Actually, these are fairy tales. Like various dragon stories, it is thought and fabricated. If ghosts are only the souls of those who have died unjustly without the chance of revenge in human life, why are there still unsolved murders? Some spirits are said to be able to communicate with human hosts, so why don't they tell the police about the killers who killed them? Therefore, there are reasonable grounds for doubting the existence of ghosts.

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Ghost Hunters use a variety of creative (and questionable) methods, including physical methods, to detect ghosts. Ghost Hunters also insist that they do it scientifically. However, there is no evidence that these devices (they used) actually detect ghosts. 1 year ago, and A decade ago, the evidence that the existence of ghosts was not discovered even in a century.

There are 2 possible reasons why the evidence could not be found.
(1) Ghosts don't really exist. All the recorded ghosts are based on psychological processes. Mistakes fabrications, Misconceptions and clarifications.
(2) If ghosts really exist, ghost seekers are not disqualified.

And lastly, ghost hunting is a fun or scary hobby, telling stories to friends and pretending to be looking for something they don't know and just making money.

Anyway, everyone loves a good ghost story.

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Honest Game Review - eFootball™ 2023
1 year ago
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Are you a football fan? If you are a man who likes playing football or playing football games, this article is only for you.

There are not many football games that can be played well on mobile phones. Poor image quality or bad game play, etc. are often uncomfortable.

Famous mobile football games are...
- FIFA Football
- eFootball™ 2023
- Dream League Soccer 2022
- Soccer Manager 2023 - Football
- Pro League Soccer

What I would like to introduce is eFootball™ 2023. In the Play Store, the download count is over 100M, and in the app store, it has reached #15 in Sports.

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1. Graphics
This game has the best visuals graphic among mobile games. The postures of real players, appearance, it's quite similar to the reality. The grass field, stadium are also quite beautiful. When ball enters the goal net, the player celebrating appearance is so great. This greatly improves the taste of playing. So you can say the graphic is amazing.

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2. Football Philosophy
In this game, it's not possible to get the players' full skill just by playing. The playing style of the player, the manager's ability to develop the control of the match, You can think a lot to win. You can practice. You have to think the whole time as if you were in a real game. The player's ability, the right position, the right combination, the ability to adapt to the coach's game, the ability to change the game based on the situation of the game as needed. You can use the philosophy of training to improve the quality of the player. So here, this game is even more than a mobile game. So like the reality, football philosophy is very important in this game.

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3. Game Control
You can even say it is the main part of this game. You can show the unique skills of each player. For example, Messi's Double Touch Skill, Long Range Curler Skill, Neymar's flip flap skill, Rabona, etc. you can be played beautifully and feel amazing efootball's taste. If you practice as much as you can, you will be able to fully enjoy the taste of football. It's very fun to play, but it's quite frustrating when you get network errors.

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4. Network Error
This is the part where the players are very disappointed. If one of players has bad internet, the other can't play smoothly. The game is on the rise, the speed is too fast and it's quite annoying that you can't play it.

From a personal point of view, this game is more fun to play than other mobile soccer games. In addition to graphic quality, the ability to show players' skill beautifully, the use of football philosophy and so on. But it looks the money too much. It don't care about the players' opinion at all. Very economical. Konami (the company of this game) intend this game to go to the ESport level, but this is not possible yet. Networking management is very poor. If you like to play football gmae just for fan, you should try it.

As a football fan, it's true to be satisfied so much, but it's good not to expect too much from a mobile game.
If you interested about this game, you can download and play it.
For Android
The Best MOBA Game for Mobile - Mobile Legends : Bang Bang
11 months ago
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Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is a subgenre of strategy video games in which two teams of players compete against each other on a predefined battlefield. Each player controls a single character with a set of distinctive abilities that improve over the course of a game and which contribute to the team's overall strategy.

The most popular MOBA Games List for mobile (2022)
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • Marvel Super War
  • Pokémon Unite
  • Arena of Valor
  • Onmyoji Arena
  • Heroes Evolved
  • Brawl Stars
  • Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  • Vainglory
  • Battle Bay

Today, I will review Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), one of the best MOBA Games.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, commonly referred to as ML or MLBB, is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Moonton, a subsidiary of ByteDance. Released in 2016, the game grew in popularity worldwide, most prominently in Southeast Asia, and has since crossed the 1 billion downloads feat, with peak monthly players of 100 million. In 2021, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang achieved an all-time gross of US$1 billion with 44 percent of its revenue emanating from outside Asia, making it the top mobile game of its genre with the most global appeal.
For more ... (Wiki)

MLBB is a nice graphic visual game. They have over 100 heros and skins. Heros' Appreance, Skin Color and Design, Spell Color Design, Map, etc.. are so great. If your phone support highest graphic, I would like to suggest to choose it. You will feel amazing. The animations are also great. But it will use your battery highly and will be hot quickly. In battle field, heros' animation, spell animations are so nice, smooth and great. But there is many games that are better than MLBB in Graphic. In my personal view, League of Legends: Wild Rift and Vainglory are better. But MLBB is still one of the best video games in graphic of the world (only for mobile).

Game Play


In MLBB, ping is the most important role. If your ping is too high, you will face lag-problems. Your game play will be so bad, your control is never smooth and you and your team will fail in a minutes, you will lose. In normal condition, Game Play/Control is so nice. This is so amazing that the match making is under 10 seconds.

Modes - Rank, Classic

And then there is 4 main modes for players. Rank, Classic, Brawel and other Funny/interesting modes. Rank is playing for the rank points/stars. If you win the game, you and your teammate will get star or points for ranking. In this mode, the game play is so agressive and need better strategy to control the other team for victory. And then the teams can ban the heros and pick different heros(Only for the rank higher than GrandMaster). But in Classic you can pick any hero you want and you will get on point for victory or defeat. In the other modes, that can make funny to the players with interesting abilities.

Magic Chess

You can play magic chess. It is like a real chess. But the most interesting thing is you can play the chess with the MLBB heros' ability, spells, and MLBB's rules.


There is 6 different roles in MLBB. Tank, Mage, Support, Fighter, Assisian, Maskman. But in the position and lanes, you can say only 3 roles. The Jungler(mostly - Assisians, fighters), Support and Cover (mostly - Tanks, Mages and Supports) and Carries (Assisans, Fighters and Maskmans). The Jungler is ganking all lane and take all Jungles (Lord, Turtle, Monsters, etc..) to carry the game. The supports are to help, cover the jungler and carries and initiate the battle. The carries need to carry the game and give the high damage to enemy team. But don't forget one thing, jungler is also a main carry.

Extra Facts for Game Play

And then Smooth Direction Wheel, Customizing Spell Position, the Sensitivity, Quick Respond, Supporting High Refresh Rate, etc... So MLBB Game Play is so amazing.

Player Support or Caring the users
MLBB Contact Center is very nice to users. They ban cheaters weekly, check the players' reports and build the fair-play enviroment. But I think MLBB is caring the money more than the players. They will never release a skin or hero that can not make money a lot even MLBB World Champian Winner Team/the players want or request.

You can say MLBB is one of the best mobile esport games. This game is so popular in Asia. MLBB Organizes the esport event called Mobile Premier League (MPL) in some countries and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M1,M2,M3) like The International (TI) in Dota2. The prize is higher year per year. There is many Esports Teams for MLBB around the worldwide and MLBB is listed in SEAGAME (Southeast Asian Games). So MLBB is the most popular game in Mobile Esport.

MLBB Esport Event List
  • MLBB World Championship - M1 (2019), M2 (2020), M3 (2021), M4 (2022)
  • MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) - 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022
  • MPL Philippines - Season 1 to Season 10 (10times)
  • MPL Indonesia - Season 1 to Season 8 (8times)
  • MPL MY/SG - Season 1 to Season 6 (6times)
  • MPL Malaysia(Only) Season 7, Season 8, Season 9 (3times)
  • MPL Singapore (Only) - Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 (3times)
  • MPL Myanmar - Season 1 to Season 5 (5times)
  • MPL Brazil - Season 1, Season 2 (2 times)
  • MPL Cambodia - Season 1 and Spring 2022
  • MPL MENA - Spring 2022

So you can guss how MLBB esport role and community huge.

MLBB is too huge and wide around the world especially Asian/Asia. For the PC, The Internation (TI) is the best interesting esport event and for mobile MLBB is the largest esport event. The community is very huge and a lots of MOBA players watching and interesting this game. If you want to play MOBA, but you have no time enough for Console/Computer Game (Dota2 or other) or if you want to play MOBA in mobile only for some minutes, you should play this game.

Don't hope too much from a mobile game if you are a PC gamer.

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