The Best 5 Myanmar Audio Book channels (2022)

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An audiobook is a recording of a book or other work being read out loud. A reading of the complete text is described as "unabridged", while readings of shorter versions are abridgements. Spoken audio has been available in schools and public libraries and to a lesser extent in music shops since the 1930s.

Today I will review 5 Audio Book Channels after listening their youtube channels..

These Channels are popular in Facebook. So I want to taste and review. So Let's Go.

5. Sandy's Myanmar Audio Book
This channel had 26.7K subscribers, female reader and a lot of playlists. Her(the reader) voice is so sweet and cute. Sound system is clear and good quality. But in some books,her voice is not fit with the story. She should read more some romance or love story. That's will be perfect.

4. K sharing Audiobook
This channel had 85.3K subscribers, male reader and less audio books. His voice is clear, sound quality is good. But his voice, tone, pronunciation, a little over the story. Sometime it feel the story more but sometime it distrub the storyline. I think his voice will be okay with action, horrior stories or books.

3. Mushi - Audiobooks Channel
This channel had 15K subscribers, female reader and so many books. Her voice is not sweet, smooth, but clear and nice quality. In my personal view, his voice is not fit the books. But for blind kids or humans to improve of listening, it will fit. If you wanna feel the story with tone, tempo, you should not listen. Her voice is a little light rough, is not smooth. But the books she choose are very nice. Even if you do not like her audio books, you should read the book she read in this channel.

2. Rodney Sann Lwin Audiobooks
This channel had 17.2K subscribers, male reader and so many books. His voice is so clear, best sound quality. For me, this channel is one of the best channels in myanmar audiobooks field. A little deep voice, right tone, very smooth reading, great pronunciation is perfect for audio books. If you are a beginner of tasting audio books, you should try to taste this channel first. I recommend this channel.

1. May Thitsar Hsu Audiobooks
This channel had 10K subscribers, female reader and a lots of books. Her voice is so great, clear and sweet. She choose the good classic books and all books are 1st class. Smooth reading, perfect tone, great pronunciation, if you like the novel, I recommend to listen this channel. I like this channel. And her voice is perfect in classic novel. Amazing.

How do you think ? What is your fav Audio Book Channel?
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