Honest Game Review - eFootball™ 2023

1 year ago
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Are you a football fan? If you are a man who likes playing football or playing football games, this article is only for you.

There are not many football games that can be played well on mobile phones. Poor image quality or bad game play, etc. are often uncomfortable.

Famous mobile football games are...
- FIFA Football
- eFootball™ 2023
- Dream League Soccer 2022
- Soccer Manager 2023 - Football
- Pro League Soccer

What I would like to introduce is eFootball™ 2023. In the Play Store, the download count is over 100M, and in the app store, it has reached #15 in Sports.

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1. Graphics
This game has the best visuals graphic among mobile games. The postures of real players, appearance, it's quite similar to the reality. The grass field, stadium are also quite beautiful. When ball enters the goal net, the player celebrating appearance is so great. This greatly improves the taste of playing. So you can say the graphic is amazing.

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2. Football Philosophy
In this game, it's not possible to get the players' full skill just by playing. The playing style of the player, the manager's ability to develop the control of the match, You can think a lot to win. You can practice. You have to think the whole time as if you were in a real game. The player's ability, the right position, the right combination, the ability to adapt to the coach's game, the ability to change the game based on the situation of the game as needed. You can use the philosophy of training to improve the quality of the player. So here, this game is even more than a mobile game. So like the reality, football philosophy is very important in this game.

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3. Game Control
You can even say it is the main part of this game. You can show the unique skills of each player. For example, Messi's Double Touch Skill, Long Range Curler Skill, Neymar's flip flap skill, Rabona, etc. you can be played beautifully and feel amazing efootball's taste. If you practice as much as you can, you will be able to fully enjoy the taste of football. It's very fun to play, but it's quite frustrating when you get network errors.

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4. Network Error
This is the part where the players are very disappointed. If one of players has bad internet, the other can't play smoothly. The game is on the rise, the speed is too fast and it's quite annoying that you can't play it.

From a personal point of view, this game is more fun to play than other mobile soccer games. In addition to graphic quality, the ability to show players' skill beautifully, the use of football philosophy and so on. But it looks the money too much. It don't care about the players' opinion at all. Very economical. Konami (the company of this game) intend this game to go to the ESport level, but this is not possible yet. Networking management is very poor. If you like to play football gmae just for fan, you should try it.

As a football fan, it's true to be satisfied so much, but it's good not to expect too much from a mobile game.
If you interested about this game, you can download and play it.
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