Are ghosts real? Do you believe in ghost?

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If you believe that ghosts exist, don't worry, you're not alone.

According to a 2019 Ipsos poll found that 46% of Americans say they truly believe in ghosts. Thousands of people actively hunt ghosts as a hobby. Ghost hunters movies, story, novel and TV series are very popular and earning is very high. So it is more than just an entertainment. Thousands of people are watching ghost hunting videos, reading and talking about it in Reddit, Facebook Private Groups, and other social media platforms. For thousands of years, ghosts have appeared in countless books, from William Shakespeare's famous play Macbeth to the Bible, and have become a very popular topic, giving rise to various ghost-related oral histories.

Ghosts are the most seen and heard supernatural belief in the world. This belief came from religions, death experiences, related supernatural beliefs, including belief in life after death and communication with otherworldly spirits. The idea that the dead person is still with us as a spirit is an ancient concept, and a comforting idea for those who don't want to believe that their loved ones are gone when they die, or when we expect them to be there when we need them. Because of personal experience, some people believe in ghosts. But actually, may be It was a sense that they saw or feel some presence that they couldn't explain.

Part of the difficulty in detecting ghosts is that there is no universally agreed-upon definition of what a ghost is. The ghosts are very different even in a movies, different size, shape, sound or ability. Some believe that ghosts are the spirits of the dead who have lost their way for some reason on their way to the other world. Some believe that the ghost is a separate entity of emotional communication that penetrates from our minds into this world. Some also identify different types of ghosts on their own ways. The Interactive Personality, The Poltergeist, Orbs, The Ectoplasm or Ecto-Mist, etc...

Actually, these are fairy tales. Like various dragon stories, it is thought and fabricated. If ghosts are only the souls of those who have died unjustly without the chance of revenge in human life, why are there still unsolved murders? Some spirits are said to be able to communicate with human hosts, so why don't they tell the police about the killers who killed them? Therefore, there are reasonable grounds for doubting the existence of ghosts.

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Ghost Hunters use a variety of creative (and questionable) methods, including physical methods, to detect ghosts. Ghost Hunters also insist that they do it scientifically. However, there is no evidence that these devices (they used) actually detect ghosts. 1 year ago, and A decade ago, the evidence that the existence of ghosts was not discovered even in a century.

There are 2 possible reasons why the evidence could not be found.
(1) Ghosts don't really exist. All the recorded ghosts are based on psychological processes. Mistakes fabrications, Misconceptions and clarifications.
(2) If ghosts really exist, ghost seekers are not disqualified.

And lastly, ghost hunting is a fun or scary hobby, telling stories to friends and pretending to be looking for something they don't know and just making money.

Anyway, everyone loves a good ghost story.

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