Why can't we find other living entities from outside the world yet?

11 months ago
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Planets capable of life are being found, but life has yet to be found. Why? How do you think ?

I will highlight some of the many possibilities.

(1) May be there is absolutely no life on any planet in this universe except this Earth. That is too bad. We are alone.

(2) On some planets, life can survive. But since there's only ice, even if there is, it's probably only at the microbiallevel. Don't imagine the other living entities have to be aliens (organisms), they can be just microbial level and startchanging.

(3) This may be because these organisms are not technologically advanced enough to communicate with us, or the technologies they use are too advanced for us to keep up.

(4) It is also possible that these living organisms all died out due to natural disasters, like the dinosaurs of the world

(5) We(human being) may have been programmed to survive automatically using the resources provided. For example, the human brain is an advanced AI CHIP. If so, we can only survive in this universe provided by this program.

We cannot find other living entities from outside the world yet because one (or more) reason(s) that was shown on the bove is right or we are in different dimensions even the technology level is not too difference.

And you ? How do you think ?


Ref Source : www.bbc.co.uk