Forget Ronaldo or Messi Era, Now Haaland or Mbappé Era ?

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For the past two decades, football fans have been arguing over who is better, Ronaldo or Messi.
Now they are getting old and the time will come soon when they will have to leave the meadow. Nowadays, the era of Mbappé and Haaland has come to debate about who is better. You can say that Mbappé and Haaland are currently the future superstar of world football and everyone is watching them.

Who do you like and who do you think is better?

Now let's look at the status.
Erling Haaland : A striker (also a goal poacher) of Man City. Erling Haaland is 22 years old (2000/07/21). and he is 195cm tall. His preferred foot is Left. His jersey number is 9.

Mbappé : A striker (also a goal poacher) and currently plays for PSG. Kylian Mbappé is 23 years old (1998/12/20) and he is 178cm tall. His preferred foot is Right. His jersey number is 7. Kylian Mbappé can play as a winger.

Market Value
Mbappé : 150M £ (Value Range €113M – €188M)
Haaland : 120 £ (Value Range €90M – €150M)

Mbappé : Played 337 games, scored 232 goals and played 8 seasons.
Haaland : Played 211 games, scored 169 goals and played 7 seasons.

Mbappé : FIFA World Cup (2018), Ligue 1 (2017,2018,2019,2020,2022), Coupe de France de football (2018,2020,2021), UEFA Nations League (2021), Coupe de la Ligue française de football (2018,2020), Trophée des Champions (2018,2019,2020,2022)
Haaland : Austrian Cup (2019, 2020), DFB Pokal (2021), Austrian Bundesliga (2019,2020)

Individual Prizes
Mbappé : World Cup Best Young Player (2018), Ligue 1 top goalscorer(2019,2020,2021,2022), Best french player of the year (2018,2019), MVP Ligue 1 (2019,2021), Ligue 1 Best Young Player (2017,2018,2019), Golden Boy by Tuttosport (2017), Kopa Trophy (2018)

Haaland : Champions League Golden Boot (2021), Norwegian Footballer of the Year (Gullballen) (2021), Austrian Footballer of the Year (2019), Bundesliga Player of the Season (2021), Norwegian Eliteserien Best Young Player (2018), Golden Boy by Tuttosport (2020)

Who is Better ?

Kylian Mbappe played matches more than Erling Haaland. He scored more and played a season early. And then his market value is rank 1 in the world, and then more Trophies and more prizes. So everyone think Mbappe is better than Haaland.

This conculsion is wrong. In the France League, PSG is the most powerful team and got the best players of the world like Messi, Neymar, Ramos, etc... Everyone is world class and they can beat any team in their league. So thay can control the match and they can scored goals.

On the otherhand, Haaland played for Borussia Dortmund last year. Dortmund is also a strong and good team. It is not enough to compare PSG. So you can say a goal for Haaland is not easy like a goal for Mbappé. But now, Haaland is in Man City and he scored many goal for the team and Premier League and Champions League. ManCity's Halland is better than Dortmund's Haaland because all ManCity players are world class level and everyone create chance for Haaland in every minutes every seconds.

So, Haaland is better ?

No, this one is also totally wrong.

So let check the attacker status.
2022/2023 Season

Mbappé : 6 matches, 506 minutes played, 7 Goals, 0 Assist, 6.05 (shots per 90 minutes), 6.48 (Expected Goal), 1.15 (Expected Goal per 90 minutes)

Haaland : 7 matches, 588 minutes played, 11 Goals, 1 Assist, 4.13 (shots per 90 minutes), 8.35 (Expected Goal), 1.28 (Expected Goal per 90 minutes)

So can you see statics for this season? Yeah Haaland is better by this statics. But you can not Haaland is better than Mbappé.

In the history, Mbappé lead in all results but in this season Haaland lead back.

Haaland improved more and more. Now we cannot say who is better. But at the end of this season. We will see who is better. So let's meet again.

image source : MENAFN
statics source : GOAL.COM