Tachiyomi : A Precious App for Comic Lover

9 months ago
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Hello, I am Jack from XCOMIC Review Vlog. Today, I want to introduce you an app that you can read comics such as manhwa, manga and manhu.
In this app, you can read comics from all over the world for free. Yes, it is free.
You can download comics website as exxtension in this app and you can read all comics just a click.
But unfortunately, it is available for android only.

You can download Tachiyomi here.
( I recommend to download stable version .)
If you are a developer, you can check their Github repo here .

Canva Home Page

1. Extensions

This is the most precious part of this app. There are many extensions for online and offline reading from over a thousand sources.
And you can select favourite series or comic and it will show in the list of library.
You can check extension list here.

2. Tracking

Yes, the word 'tracking' is a bad word for privacy. But in this app tracking is a nice feature for reader.
Tachiyomi automatically keep track of readers' manga with MyAnimeList, AniList, MangaUpdates, Shikimori, Bangumi, and Kitsu, etc...

3. Customization

Almost every reader will like this feature. You can create a setting as your wish for your eye, layouts and reading style.
This app is a configurable reader with multiple reading modes, custom color filters, and other settings.

4. Documentation

This app is very simple, but if you need a documention or user guide, you can read it here.
It is their official supported document that is written in Simple English.
If you have any question, you can search and ask here.

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