How to Merge two Facebook Pages ?

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Hello, Welcome back.
Today , I will guide to you how to merge two Facebook Pages into one. Yeah, you wanna know why we have to merge before how to merge.

Why should we merge two pages into one ?

If you have two facebook running same business, same audiences, same category, you should merge into one.
Because your audiences counts are more than each one after merge. All audiences from two pages into one. Yes, if the more followers you have,
the more engagements your business get. Today, the social media era, huge amount of the audiences make you money easily and huge amount.
And doing one time is better doing two times for the same tasks, example posting or post boosting or promoting.

Not ony this benifits, there are hidden benifits more. If you break the facebook community standards or some rules such as copy right content or sexual contents,
your facebook is risk at unpublish or facebook will delete you page forever.
If you lose your pages, it is you lose your business.

If your pages is risk at page quality, you can merge into another page that is not showing warning or good page quality.
Yes, it is not a official feature, but some people use this feature for their pages quality.
And some people buy facebook pages and merge into one to get huge amount of followers. So now I think you know why should we try to merge into one page.

How to merge two pages into one ?

According to the official documents of Facebook, it is easy to merge. But there are some requirements before merging.

Requreiments for merging

* You have to be an admin of two Facebook Pages.

* Two pages have the same name and represent the same thing. (if not you have to change name before merging)

* Two pages have the same address if they have physical locations.

* Two pages are under the same Business Manager account.

* Both Pages are classic Pages or both Pages are in the new Pages experience.

* If you meet the requirements, you may be able to merge.

* But there are still other restrictions.

Restrictions for Merging

You can not merge if your pages are ....
- global Pages.
- A verified Page
- A classic Page with a Page in the new Pages experience. (But you can change classic to profile - new page experience in setting)

Steps - Merging your Pages
* From your Feed, click Pages in the left menu. You may need to click See more first.
* Go to your Page.
* In the left menu, click Settings, then General.
* Click Merge Pages, then Merge duplicate Pages.
* Enter source page and destination page.
* Click Continue, then click Submit.

If you're unable to merge your Pages, it means that your Pages aren't eligible to be merged. If you see the option to request to merge your Pages, we'll review your request.

Note: If your Pages are on Business Manager, you can go to to merge them.

You can read full article of facebook here..


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