Do Anti Mosquito APPs Really Work?

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We often see about Anti Mosquito APP on Social Media. When I checked at these apps, I found they broadcast an ultrasound between 16KHz and 20KHz. Ultrasounds can't harm people, but if they are turned on all the time, they can damage the phone's sound system a little. Many people on the internet claim that these apps work, while others say that they don't actually work.

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In fact, there is no evidence that these ultrasounds can actually make mosquitoes run. It has not been confirmed by any scientist, nor has it been accepted by any organization. Frequencies that humans do not hear can be heard by dogs, with cats What other animals can hear is true. This will cause an illusion to be created. Mosquitoes will also hear these low frequency ultrasounds. But that sound cannot drive away the mosquitoes. There are some comments that the mosquitoes are not running at all, but there are fewer. This is just an illusion. In reality, it totally works.

If you search for Anti Mosquito in App Store or Google Store, you will find a lot. If you are using and trying to check that it works or not, you are doing a waste of time. If you are bitten by a mosquito, instead of using the app to see if it will work, use a mosquito net or light a mosquito net. That will really benefit you.