Should You Trade Your Device : Apple Trade In ?

10 months ago Cover Photo

Apple Company usually offers trade in service for its products. Just check the condition of the old device, calculate a reasonable rate and pay the required amount of money for the new device you want to buy. For example, after deciding that your device is worth $500, you can get a new device worth $999 by investing $499. I think many people want to know if this is really convenient or a very convenient service. Today, I will tell you if this is really good and what is the purpose of Apple Company.

Apple uses a company called CompAsia to evaluate the price. In fact, his prices are very low. Even if you sell it online as a used device, it is more than CompAsia's price. But you don't want to spend all your money, If you are too busy to do the online selling process, this plan is perfect for you. It is best if you buy a new phone with the money you get after selling it online.

Why does Apple Company Trade In?

Apple Company encourages recycling and is involved in making its products so that it can be recycled. If your device is suitable for reuse, the company will resell it as a refurbished device. The parts that cannot be used at all will be recycled. This helps the environment a lot. And then it is also a very good plan to reduce unnecessary expenses. But as a user view, it's hard to say whether this is good or bad. How do you think? Think for yourself whether this scheme is really good or a scheme created to make money or a scheme to show environmental protection and share your thoughts with the world.