Lost Personal Hotspot in Your iPhone ? Solution is here !

10 months ago
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Annoyed that Personal Hotspot is missing from your iPhone? Then this article is for you. Some SIM cards are complete with Auto Setting, which will be convenient. But some SIM cards may not be suitable. If the setting is not complete, Personal Hotspot cannot be opened.

Now, if it is not perfect like that, I will tell you how to adjust the settings.

1. Enter Your iPhone Settings. You will see Cellular Data. Click on it.
2. As shown in the picture, you will see Cellular Data Network. Click on it.
3. You will see APN under Cellular Data. That is the most important. Also, there is an APN under Personal Hotspot below.
4. Depending on your Sim Card, the text to be entered in the APN will be different.
5. By default, you can enter internet. Then turn off Cellular Data and turn it back on. It will be convenient.
6. If you can't fill in the internet, you can ask your operator.