First Charging - Phone Charging Speeds List by Brands (2022 November)

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The mobile phone market is very competitive. Every time a new technology is introduced, the brand can be positioned more in the market, so mobile phone companies are constantly innovating and competing with new technologies. The main competition in 2022 is Camera. After the popularity of mobile photography, camera competition has skyrocketed. Especially when social media is so important nowadays, it becomes very important to get photos as quickly as possible and in good quality. Just like that, the camera has become the biggest and most important part of the market challenge.

After cameras, I think the most competitive thing is battery life. Charging the phone several times a day has become a chore. How long it takes to charge once and how long it takes to fully charge has become important. That's why a 5000 mAh battery has been added, and fast charging systems have been included.

Today, I would like to show the fastest charging mobile phones list by brand among today's mobile phones.

No.1 - XIAOMI ( 120W )

Xiaomi has included 120W fast charging, and now there are 3 models. Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi 11T Pro and Mi 10 Ultra.

No.2 - Vivo ( 120 W )

The recently released Vivo iQOO 7 also included 120 W and was able to take its place as a fast charging phone. Even though it has less charging time than Xiaomi, I still want to give it No. 2 because it is lagging behind according to the brand.

No.3 - One Plus ( 80 W )

Under 120 W, 80 W and One Plus Pro are in place. Oppo also has 80 W, but here One Plus is more powerful.

No.4 - Oppo ( 65 W )

Oppo Find X5 Pro uses 65 W. Very fast charging and beautiful design model.

No.5 - Hauwei ( 55 W )

Below 65 W is the Huawei Mate XS with 55 W.

While the phone companies are competing, Google and Apple are keeping calm. The highest iPhone series is only 27 W. But he also charges in a short time, not very fast. Because they installed a little battery capacity. But every time the Apple company introduces a new model, they say ever there is a good battery life in this model. In fact, there is a power banks in almost of all Apple Users' bag or hand. As for Google, the Pixel 6 Series only has 30W. It's already very late.