Mayonnaise Prawn - How to make

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Today, I will share you how to cook Prawn Mayonnaise. Some people also make Prawn Mayonnaise as cocktails and or eat it as a dish. Most Burmese people like spicy, so they don't often eat this kind of sweet dish. This is a bit expensive, but it is more healthy than dishes with a lot of salt and oils. For people like me who like Prawn and Mayonnaise, this dish will be really impressive.


• Mayonnaise Prawn - 4 units
• Mayonnaise - 3 tablespoons
• White sesame - a little
• Butter - 2 tablespoons
. Lettuce - a little

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The Steps

1. Peel the Prawn. Separate the back and clean it with plenty of water and dry it.

2. Heat the butter and fry the prawns.

3. You have to notice the heat not too much. Fry for a little while on medium heat until it becomes a little lighter in color.

4. Carefully check the oil on the Prawn, then mix in the Mayonnaise.

5. Place the lettuce leaves on the bottom, place the Prawn on top, and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

If you like taste of sweet and sour, don't wait for the Prawn to change color. You have to turn off the heat after a while.

Before mixing with the Mayonnaise, add some lemon juice and follow the other steps. After that, you can enjoy the delicious Mayonnaise Prawn.