One UI 5, One of the best UI in Android - What is new?

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Samsung has released One UI 5 with the Galaxy S22 series, and now the schedule for the update has been released. One UI is one of the the best UI in Android OS. It is famous for its useful features and simple UI customization. Now One UI 5 includes some changes. I will tell you the little things I have noticed.

1. Multitasking

Samsung's One UI features Swipe for pop-up view and Swipe for split screen. More advanced for multitasking. Easier to use than before. If you press Recent App and drag it to the top right of the screen, it will become a pop-up view, and if you swipe from the bottom of the screen with 2 fingers, it will become a split screen. If you want to use these features, you need to enable them in Settings > Advanced features. One UI is the best and most advanced UI for multitasking.


2. Lock Screen Design Customization

Screen Lock can be customized in One UI 5. It's been available since before One UI 5, but now you can add custom text in addition to Clock size, Shape, Font, Color. The design is very similar to IOS 16 Design. But Lock Screen Customization has been available in One UI since before IOS 16.


Expert RAW - Multiple Exposures Mode

It is known that the Astrophoto mode for the S22 series, which can use Expert RAW, and the Multiple exposures mode will allow you to create more creative images with two photos. But this feature is not available for every model.

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