IOS 16 ERROR - iPhone XS is automatically turning off

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Your iPhone is automatically turning off ? Don't worry, it is not your fault. It is just an IOS 16 error. I wrote an article about IOS 16 error that my iPhone won't turn on . Yes, today another error, that is iPhone is automatically turning off if there is no usage.

My website visitor report about this error and he give it to me. So I checked it, yes it was automatically turning off after 44 seconds without usage. So I search about it, I found some articles, yes this is also IOS 16 error. So I reset all settings. Now iPhone XS, everything was fine. I watched it for a long time without usage. Yes, that never happen again.

IOS 16 - Auto Turning Off

So How to Fix It Yourself ?

It is too easy. So if your iPhone have turning off problem, you have to reset all setting. It cannot lose any data but you setting was lost such wifi password, dark mode and other personal settings. If you don't know how to reset all setting, don't worry,, I will guide to you.

How to Reset All Settings on iPhone

Resetting All Setting - Iphone

1. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset.

2. Choose an option - [ Reset All Setting ]

WARNING: If you choose the Erase All Content and Settings option, all of your content is removed. So do not click it.

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