How to recover deleted messages/conversation on iPhone?

11 months ago Cover Photo

Frustrated by deleting messages by mistake? Don't worry now. In IOS 16, you can easily recover deleted Messages. Even if you accidentally delete messages by mistake, you don't have to worry like before.

Deleted messages are stored in Recently Deleted Messages. Although I deleted the pictures in Photo APP, it seems that I can recover them in Recently Deleted. To use this feature, you need to install IOS 16. So, now I will show you how to recover accidentally deleted messages.

Pic 1 - how to recover deleted messages

1. First, if you deleted the messages or conversations, you have to click the Edit button that is top, left corner of the screen.

2. You will see the show Recently Deleted. Click it.

3. There will be your deleted messages and conversations.

4. Just select the conversation you want to restore and then do Recover.

Pic 2 - how to recover deleted messages

It's a very easy and useful feature.

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Thank You.