How to Customize Your Wallpaper in IOS 16

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Customizing lock screen is one the great features in iOS 16.And it is a feature all users want to use and it can make us excited.

Customizing Lock Screen is very simple and I will show you how to customize your lock screen, widget, wallapaper and focus.

1.Long-press on the Lock Screen

The thing you have to do for customizing is just long-press on lock screen anywhere except your notification area. Your Lock Screen will show you a (+) button and a customize button. The (+) button is to create a new lock screen profile and the Customize Button is for customizing your current lock screen profile. If you want to change the lock screen profile after you did setup all profiles you want, just swipe left and right.

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2.Lock Screen Style

When you click the (+) button to create a new profile, you have to choose a lock screen style. There are 7 categories in styles that you can be interested.

.Photo Shuffle

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3.Date & time display

Once you’ve got a style picked out, you can customize the time and date. You can choose font style, font size and font color as you want.


After you customize date and time, you can add some widgets o your lock screen. The widget area is just under time showing area. I recommend to use weather widget or speedtest widget.

Cover Photo 5.Link a Focus mode

When you finish all your customization on lock screen, I recommend you to link a focus mode with your lock screen style profile. It is a useful function that can make our daily life more easier. We can create many profile for our situation and mood. Example, we can create a profile such as Meeting Mode with DND, Family Mode with customized call, message, notifications in focus, Work Mode with useful widget or Relax Mode with rexaling Wallpapers and focus mode. If you want to change your mode after one period.

(Example after working hours, You change the profile just switch left or right, connect your AirPod and go music. :)) )

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