The Recipe - How to Cook Chicken Rahkine Chat

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One of the traditional Myanmar dishes, Chicken Raking Chat Curry is popular. It is a traditional dish of Arakan people (Rakhine) and is especially delicious for those who love spicy food. Myanmar people really like the spicy, sour, sauce taste. Therefore, Chicken Rahkine Chat is a favorite curry of Myanmar people.


Today, I will show you how to cook Chicken Rahkine Chat Curry.

  • Ingredients
  • Chicken - 0.25 lb
    Green tamarind - 0.05 lb
    Lemongrass - a small bunch (2 plants)
    Green paste - about a whole betel nut
    Green chilies - a little
    Tomatoes - 3
    Garlic - 2
    Onion - 1
    Parsley - a bunch
    Peanut oil - a little
    Turmeric - a little
    Salt - a little
    Spice powder - a little

The Recipe

Cut the chicken into small pieces, wash it clean, add salt, Turmeric, a little curry powder, knead it to taste and leave it to marinate for a while. And then Chop the garlic/red. Wash the green tamarind and green chilies with water. If you don't have green tamarind, ripe tamarind can be used.

Roughly peel off the lemongrass and chop it. Crushed tamarind in a bowl green chilies with green paste about betel nuts, salt curry powder Add a little water and mix. Lemongrass garlic, Mix the onions and grind them. Roast the marinated chicken on low heat. When the chicken is a little dry and hot, add crushed lemongrass, tomatoes, the garlic/red onion with a little oil and mix it well. When the curry smell comes out, add the diluted tamarind juice and cook until the amount water is low.

If you want to eat Kyat Thouk San , you should cook with a lot of water and do not cook until water dry up.

kyat thouk san

After you cook for some minutes,the chicken will be tender, the smell and taste is good, now you can add parsley into the curry. Now you can taste the delicous Chicken Rakhine Chat curry of Arakan people.

I wish every family enjoy the meal. May eyeryone be safe from famine.

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