Cristiano Ronaldo - Is it possible for him to comeback?
1 year ago
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The most famous people are the most criticized. The best people are the ones who can break the criticism. Cristiano Ronaldo - CR7 is one of the best players of all time in the world of football. He plays for Manchester United and is Portugal's captain. now CR7 is 37 years old. This season, the performance has already been criticized. People are already saying that his era is over. He is always the best person to overcome such criticism, but this time they are doubtful that his age can give him the best support enough for his comeback.

Manchester United Team

Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for his performance

At present, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are the best greatest players in the world. Last season, Messi was criticized because his performance was so bad. Now he can play in the best condition again, scoring goals and creating supports continuously for his team. This season, the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo is declining. Last season, even though the team was torn apart, he was the one who saved it with his goals. I can't believe what happened to him, he lost his baby and the team was in such a bad situation that he even had to change club teams. But he didn't change. Under the current new coach, the team has improved, but the situation with CR7 is worse than bad. There were also bumps between the coach and him. Also, in the past, there was more friction with the coach after the players left the stadium before the end of the match. In the last game against Tottenham Hotspur, he trained early for warm-up, but he was not allowed to play. He left the field before the end of the match again.

Coach of Manchester United

This news is the most popular on the media, some are blaming and some give positive comments. The media criticized him as usual, but his fans defended him. The coach said at the press conference that CR7 refused to play against Spurs, and he was also unhappy that CR7 left the match. Now, as a punishment, he will no longer be allowed to participate in the match against Chelsea tomorrow, he has been removed from the starting line-up, and he will not be allowed to train with the senior team. He is training with the U21 team only. There are reports that the team supported the coach's actions and fined CR7.

We saw that CR7 posted an apology on social media like that.

He's getting old and his confidence is waning, but he's definitely one of the world's top strikers and wants to play the match. He'll want to try to match his top goalscoring record, but the team struggles when he comes in starting line-up. Due to age, he can't fit in the game play style like young people, and he can't run like before. The worst thing is that even when he get the chances, his ability to convert into goals decreases and their confidence decreases. I'm CR7's fan, the whole world is on his side, people doubt he'll be able to comeback, but they want him to comeback. His influence is so great that not only in the field of football, but alos in other fields, everyone respects him. His efforts have been a role model for all people.

I hope him to overcome his age and depression, and comeback like before the way he alway do. Let's see he can really comeback or his era is over here. Time is answer. So let's wait.

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The Recipe - How to Cook Chicken Rahkine Chat
1 year ago
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One of the traditional Myanmar dishes, Chicken Raking Chat Curry is popular. It is a traditional dish of Arakan people (Rakhine) and is especially delicious for those who love spicy food. Myanmar people really like the spicy, sour, sauce taste. Therefore, Chicken Rahkine Chat is a favorite curry of Myanmar people.


Today, I will show you how to cook Chicken Rahkine Chat Curry.

  • Ingredients
  • Chicken - 0.25 lb
    Green tamarind - 0.05 lb
    Lemongrass - a small bunch (2 plants)
    Green paste - about a whole betel nut
    Green chilies - a little
    Tomatoes - 3
    Garlic - 2
    Onion - 1
    Parsley - a bunch
    Peanut oil - a little
    Turmeric - a little
    Salt - a little
    Spice powder - a little

The Recipe

Cut the chicken into small pieces, wash it clean, add salt, Turmeric, a little curry powder, knead it to taste and leave it to marinate for a while. And then Chop the garlic/red. Wash the green tamarind and green chilies with water. If you don't have green tamarind, ripe tamarind can be used.

Roughly peel off the lemongrass and chop it. Crushed tamarind in a bowl green chilies with green paste about betel nuts, salt curry powder Add a little water and mix. Lemongrass garlic, Mix the onions and grind them. Roast the marinated chicken on low heat. When the chicken is a little dry and hot, add crushed lemongrass, tomatoes, the garlic/red onion with a little oil and mix it well. When the curry smell comes out, add the diluted tamarind juice and cook until the amount water is low.

If you want to eat Kyat Thouk San , you should cook with a lot of water and do not cook until water dry up.

kyat thouk san

After you cook for some minutes,the chicken will be tender, the smell and taste is good, now you can add parsley into the curry. Now you can taste the delicous Chicken Rakhine Chat curry of Arakan people.

I wish every family enjoy the meal. May eyeryone be safe from famine.

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Player Unknown's Battle Grounds - PUBG (Mobile)
1 year ago
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If you are someone who loves to play shooting games, then let me introduce you to a mobile game.
This game is Player Unknown's Battle Grounds - PUBG (Mobile). It's not the same as counterstrike, which we used to play addictively in game stores when we were kids. PUBG is like a story or a sense. 100 players are transported by a plane to a large island. Players must parachute from the plane to the place they want to land. Weapons on the island protective suits, You have to find supplies and medicine and fight others until the last minute to survive. The last surviving player or team wins. This is too simple but the reality is not simple and not easy as you think. This game is already a success on console. Only a few years ago, the mobile version was released.

You have to buy and play on the PC console, but the mobile version is free. The game is now very popular and has become very successful internationally with esport tournaments being held. There are already many esport teams and famous streamers who use PUBG Mobile as a career.

Background history

PUBG Mobile[a] (Chinese: 和平精英; pinyin: Hé Píng Jīng Yīng) is a free-to-play battle royale video game developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a division of Tencent Games. It is a mobile game adaptation of PUBG: Battlegrounds. It was initially released for Android and iOS on 19 March 2018.


Graphic and Game Play

Cover Photo

This game had poor graphics quality when it first appeared, but now it's awesome. The FPS is high and the sound quality and graphic quality are at the top level. The movement of the character is also perfect, and the clothes, weapons, cars, motorcycles, etc. are like the real. The beauty of the island, the sound of rain, the sound of thunder, the sound of cars, the sound of airplanes, the sound of gunfire, and the sound of bombs make you feel like you are in the middle of a real battle. Game play is also of high quality. The dynamic movements, smooth button responses, and the need to control the shooting are very impressive. It's also satisfying to be able to do various styles, such as a shooting pose, a hiding pose, a victory pose, etc. It is very convenient to adjust the size and position of the buttons. Setting up the guns as needed and playing around with them is the real essence.

Game Philosophy

The thing I like most about this game is that it uses logic. In this game, whether you play Rank or Classic, you need to think and think in order to win. You can play Solo, Duo, Team. Playing with a team is the most popular, and in esport competitions, you can compete with a team. In addition to individual skills, team work skills are also needed to understand each other and work together. How to control the map to win, how to connect with the positioner, how to help each other, how to defeat the other team. It takes a lot of thinking and practice, which is the essence of this game.

Cover Photo

Network and other Issues

This game is ping sensitive, so if your internet connection is not good, it will be quite frustrating. Walking the road again and again. It is inconvenient to have to pick up items repeatedly. The graphics of this game are very good and you will get the coolest feeling only when you set it to the highest setting. But that makes the phone hot and drains quickly. When the phone heats up, the phone will stutter and slow down, making it difficult to play games. So this game for a long time. If you play, you should play in a cool place. Or you can also install a cooling fan and use it. Sometimes we see people playing this game after cheating, Don't worry, rule breakers can be reported and often punished. There is a punishment of banning of up to 10 years, so please do not break the rules.


In recent year, mobile esport became popular, and people's interest increased quite a bit. Games often hold esport events. Just as Dota Tournaments (The International - TI) are popular in Europe, Mobile Legend Beng Beng (MLBB) and PUBG (mobile) tournaments are very popular in Asia. PUBG Mobile has also secured a place in the world of mobile esport and is holding competitions continuously.
The game supports several e-sport leagues and tournaments. Each major region has a PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) and players compete in their respective regions until later tournaments. Only 32 teams can qualify out of the many teams that signed up. This phase is known as the PMCO group stage, where the 32 teams are divided into four groups of eight. PMCO in India was held in 2019 for the first time, and the winner of the tournament was Naman Mathur and his team. Once the group stages have elapsed, the finals are hosted where the top 16 teams play. From here, the teams compete to make it to a higher level of competition known as the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL). Later, eSports grew a lot in various countries including India, China, Indonesia, and many more, giving opportunities to many potential players.



I've been playing this game ever since and I really like how it's improved. The quality is top notch and it's fun to play. I especially like it because you can definitely play it for a living. Therefore, I would like to give it a 9/10 as a personal rating, and I recommend that you play it with your friends. In the APP Store Rank, it is #11 in Strategy and has received a rating of 4.3. Google Play Store also has 500M+ downloads and a rating of 4.3. So, you can't deny it is a good game.


If you like this game, you can download it from the links below and play it.
For IOS Click Here For Android Click Here

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Apple App Store Wikipedia Cover Photo - Variety

Google Pixel 7 Pro got Rank 1 above Iphone 14pro
1 year ago
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This is so surprise Google Pixel 7 Pro got Rank 1 in Mobile Camera Test. DXOMARK published this rank in their website.

DxOMark, currently stylized as DXOMARK, is a commercial website described as "an independent benchmark that scientifically assesses smartphones, lenses and cameras". Wiki


Google Pixel 7 Pro was released on this October 2022 and got rank 1 with 147 marks in cameara test.

Apple iphone 14 pro got 146 marks and it took rank 1/2 last month but lost this position after Google Pixel 7 Pro was released.

But Apple iphone 14 pro display is the best and it take rank 1 still. No one can beat.

Not only DXOMARK but also the popular reviewers recommend Iphone 14 pro/ pro max's display and they say it is the best.

How about you ? Do you like Google Pixel 7 Pro ? Do you think Google Pixel 7 Pro actually beat Apple iphone 14 pro in Daily life usage ?

If you want to buy Google Pixel 7 pro, click here to go official store.

You Can Watch DXOMARK's Test Result and Review
You can read here full review
Image and Article Credit to DXOMARK

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